What People Are Saying

Rex with Billy Honsal

Endorsed by the Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s Organization, Sheriff Billy Honsal says: “Rex prioritizes what’s really important about Humboldt County. And it’s about our people, it’s about our community and the future.”

Dennis DelBiaggio
Owner, DCI Builders Dennis DelBiaggio

"I’ve considered Rex a friend forever, I don’t agree with Rex on everything, but if I call and say something he’s going to explain his point of view, and at least listen to what I say, not necessarily do what I say. He’s really community minded, he does his job, and when he has a disagreement he explains it and there’s always respect there.

I’m glad he’s taking this on again; it’s really good for the community, I think he has some unfinished business he wants to keep going on and tackle some more."

Connie Stewart
Executive Director of Initiatives Cal Poly Humboldt Connie Stewart

"There’re a lot of people in this community who, you know, try to say the right things; Rex does the right things. I’m so grateful that he’s willing to run again. Thanks Rex."

Rex Bohn works tirelessly for county, constituents

Rex Bohn is a good supervisor. Rex is a dedicated public servant. He works tirelessly for our county and his constituentson both the local level and at the state level. Rural counties like ours often get overlooked in decisions made in Sacramento. I have become friends with multiple decision makers throughout California over the years. It’s amazing how often Rex’s name comes up in a positive way when I come in contact with these folks. The common message I hear from them is their awareness of Humboldt County’s needs and concerns are front and center because of Rex’s advocacy. Rex is a powerful voice for Humboldt. That’s important.

Rex is responsive to his constituents. He is informed and doesn’t shy away from tough issues. He can be a little rough around the edges occasionally, but that’s OK with me — he’s human and down to earth. I know what it takes to be a good supervisor. Rex is not only an effective and committed county representative — he’s a good person too.

That’s why I support Rex.

Johanna Rodoni, Scotia

Re-electing Rex Bohn as supervisor is imperative

I have known Rex Bohn for over 35 years. We first met while we both served on the Redwood Acres Fair Board. In his year as president of the board he cleaned up a lot of messes and put the fair back in the black.

Working with horse people and race track people and running a fair at the same time, Rex stood out as someone who could bring people together.

Having watched Rex over the last eight years on the Humboldt County Board of Supervisors, further demonstrates how he has risen to the same diverse challenges in his district and has continued to do what he was born to do.

What Mr. Bohn will tell he you he has done in his campaign will only marginally highlight his behind the scenes accomplishments. I hesitate to embarrass him, but he has directly affected my family in many ways with his kindness.

Re-electing him as 1st District supervisor is imperative and will only aide in helping him continue to accomplish his many goals for our county.

Mike Jones, former Eureka City council member

Rex Bohn has supported the community for years

I met Rex Bohn in my early teens, as he was always out in the community doing auctions and supporting events my siblings and I were involved in, especially at Redwood Fields. Today, my children are involved in soccer and baseball, and Rex is still out at the ballfields every weekend. Rex is a huge part of the community, helping keep the kids motivated and engaged in healthy activities. Something people might not know is every Christmas morning Rex drives around Humboldt County in his Santa suit and helps make the joy of Christmas come alive for children.

I run a small family business and understand that a business needs to bring in more income than its expenses. Humboldt County is like a business, and one of the supervisor’s role is to maintain a balanced budget, which means we have to bring in more money if we want more services. Growing up on a cattle ranch in Bear River, we’re often calling Rex about the Wild Cat Road, he always answers the phone and always listens. He can’t make promises that we’re going to have a new highway, but I’ve seen improvements to the road from Measure Z and understand that Rex is working to bring new state funds into the county to help with infrastructure and road improvements. I am glad Rex stuck with his vote on the Humboldt Wind Project, although the project wasn’t popular, it would have brought new tax dollars and renewable energy to Humboldt County.

Catherine Sundquist, Eureka

Vote for Humboldt County Supervisor Rex Bohn

My family, and my daughter’s family, lost our homes during the Camp Fire in Paradise. Both my daughter and I were teachers. The fire took our elementary school where we worked, and we needed to relocate. In January, my daughter was offered a teaching job in Eureka. To be closer to our grandchild, my husband and I decided that we, too, would move to Eureka.

I met Supervisor Rex Bohn when we bought our house in Cutten. Rex and the whole neighborhood came over and welcomed us. People talked to us about the town, and told us, “We’re here for you!” It is because of the welcome we received from our neighbors, that we’re able to finally think and feel that it is possible to start over.

As Rex’s neighbor, we know when he leaves and returns, and we’ve never seen anyone work so hard for his community. It is a seven-days-a-week job. We’re very impressed.

One of the things I’ve come to understand is that Rex has helped organize convoys of supplies from Humboldt to people effected by the Camp Fire, as well as for those who suffered losses in the Mendocino, Sonoma, and Carr Fires. Receiving help after suffering such severe loss was both humbling and reassuring that we can overcome this tragedy.

From someone new to this community, I can’t thank Rex enough for his support. I am happy to cast my first vote for Humboldt County supervisor for Rex Bohn.

Katy Schrum, Eureka

Supervisor Bohn doing a good job for 1st District

I’ve known Rex for many years. When Rex was working in the private sector, our businesses crossed paths, and always with a good experience.

What really got me to rally behind Rex, was during a period of time when Rex, myself and many other community people worked together with Paulette Gilliam on Socks for Soldiers.

This was a community project which sent thousands of care packages over the years to our troops deployed overseas.

It was during this time that I more fully understood Rex’s dedication to our community and in helping others in need.

As a supervisor, Rex continues to be dedicated to his community and serving his constituent’s needs. Folks can call or send an email, Rex listens, offers his insight, and then lets people know what is and is not possible. He can’t make promises, and might not tell you what you want to hear.

He does his best to understand your concerns, and helps you understand which agency might be able to help.

I’ve observed him over the past eight years, as my elected representative, and continue to see that he is doing a good job for those of us in the 1st District, and in the county as a whole. Rex has had my support the past two elections, and will again on March 5.

Dennis DelBiaggio, Ferndale

Rex Bohn supports our county’s dairy industry

I’ve lived in Humboldt County my entire life on our family’s dairy in the Eel River Valley. For 110 years, myself and family members have made a living and career through milking cows.

Humboldt County has always been an ideal area for pasturebased dairy farming. This system of agriculture protects the soil, sequesters carbon, and allows for cows to eat grass the way God intended them to.

Through those years, many challenges ranging from difficult economic cycles to floods and earthquakes to fires have always been part of this business. More recently, there has been an increase in government regulations imposed on our industry. Understanding and navigating these regulations is frustrating because of the financial cost and time commitment. Thankfully, we have Rex Bohn, our 1st District county supervisor, serving as a liaison between the government and our local farmers.

Not only has Rex been supportive at the regulatory level, but also engages in numerous community events, key maintenance issues, budget issues, and general support of the county. Thank you, Rex, for all you do and especially for supporting the dairy industry.

Please vote Rex Bohn for 1st District county supervisor on March 5.

Jim Regli, Regli Jerseys Dairy Farm, Ferndale

Rex Bohn is 1st District’s man with a plan, so vote!

I have positive things to say about Rex Bohn, because he is a positive, honest upstanding member of our community. He works tirelessly for our county and has everyday and night for more years than you can count. In 1992 he backed and did everything he could to get the Redwood Fields in Cutten built. He worked on and saw the Redwood Fields project to completion.

Ask Betty Chinn about his help and support for all her numerous projects for the homeless, including the showers at St. Vincent.

Oh! Yes, let’s remember the California wildfires in Paradise and the one by Ukiah Redwood Valley. Rex collected donations and volunteers and fed all those firefighters and victims with delicious barbecue.

In 2019 our Truckers Parade lost its prior funding/backing. Rex gathered a group of volunteers and made it happen, yes, the parade was Dec.14, 2019. The Truckers Parade raised more than $20,000 for the Boys & Girls Club. THANK YOU, REX.

There are other significant projects spearheaded by Rex Bohn, working with stakeholders, contractors and volunteers: Salt River restoration, Ferndale. Union Street paving and upgrading. McKay Tract community forest and trail.

I live in Cutten and Rex Bohn is my supervisor. Please vote for REX BOHN for 1st District supervisor. The man with a plan, a vision and the wherewithal to get it going and completed, no matter how long it takes and how many obstacles.

Minnie Wolf, Cutten

I’m a progressive Democrat voting for Rex

Like my father and his father before him, I’m a progressive Democrat. I’ve lived in Humboldt County for almost 30 years.

I got to know Rex Bohn for the first time when, as an attorney, I represented a landlord on a difficult eviction in Pine Hill. Without anyone asking, Rex was out there every day on his own, hauling away massive amounts of garbage.

Throughout the whole time, he held local meetings to keep the neighborhood informed and to ensure their voices were heard. When Panther Gap Road in Petrolia failed last winter, Rex was out there most days, ensuring the locals trapped on the wrong side of the slide had access out and that the county road fix was moving forward and getting done and not forgotten.

The first two times he ran, I did not vote for Rex because I did not believe we had a basic identity of values. But in getting to know Rex personally over the last four years, I have realized I was wrong. Rex is committed, tireless and passionate for his constituents.

Whether he agrees with you or not, he will listen and be willing to change his mind based on the facts — an example of this is his position on climate change and its implications for our county.

I’m voting for Rex because I know that I have far more in common with him than I realized before. Please join me in voting on March 5 for Rex Bohn for Supervisor.

Neal Latt, Eureka

Remember Rex Bohn’s record of public service

For the last three decades our community has witnessed Rex Bohnserve, lead and inspire. Starting with the vision of building the Redwood Fields Sports Complex in Cutten to helping countless neighbor fire victims and much more! During that same period of time we’ve listened to his opponent play music and talk on the radio.

Based on performance, my vote for 1st District Supervisor goes to RexBohn. Please cast your vote March 5 for the guy who gets things done!

Chuck Ellsworth, Eureka

Rex Bohn has earned, is deserving of your vote

We all know Rex Bohn works extremely hard and puts in long hours as our county supervisor. His dedication and commitment is great and much appreciated. However, what I valued more was whenever I called him over the many years I spent in education, he was always there to support and do what was best for children and families. I could count on it. Whether it was working behind the scenes to help homeless children, supporting career/technical and vocational education, mobilizing the community to expand recreational opportunities for kids, promoting the importance of early literacy or giving constant encouragement to our children to work hard and be the best they can be, Rex is all in when it comes to our children and families. He has earned and is certainly deserving of your vote.

Jon Sapper, Fortuna

Rex Bohn the best choice for Humboldt County

Rex Bohn is the best choice for Humboldt County supervisor. There are three key areas that Rex is clearly the best choice: his character, track record and transparency.

Rex genuinely likes his constituents and has helped more charitable causes than all the other supervisors combined.

Rex has a track record of accomplishments representing his district, as he fights for better roads and bringing Humboldt County’s economy into the modern age.

Rex is so transparent that if you want to speak with him, simply show up at one of the hundreds of fundraisers that he volunteers for.

What more do we want in a politician? Let’s all show up to the polls and support Rex Bohn for re-election to 1st District Supervisor!

Anthony Mantova, Eureka

Rex Bohn is doing a good job for the 1st District

In the past few months I have seen Rex Bohn, our 1st District supervisor, at the Ferndale Wildcat Football game, the Ferndale Tractor Parade, the Ferndale Rotary Fundraiser, and the Ferndale 4-H Breakfast. Why? Because he is interested in helping fundraise for the young people in his 1st District. He cares and so do I. If I disagree with something that is going on I send off an email and Rex will get back to me. Why? Because he cares. I believe Rex Bohn is doing a good job. Do I agree with everything?

No, I don’t, and I tell him so, and he listens.

On Tuesday, March 5, I will vote for Rex Bohn, 1st District supervisor. Why? Because he cares. Please consider Rex Bohn for 1st District supervisor.

Joyce F. Coppini, Ferndale

Rex Bohn is a true champ for constituents, county

I believe in Rex Bohn because he does what he says and always follows through. Rex is a true champion for his constituents as well as for our community as a whole.

I am supporting Rex so he can continue to be the effective leader he has proven to be and urge you to do the same.

Judy Rice, Eureka

Mo Charlo give thanks to Rex Bohn for the assist

My name is Mo Charlo. I graduated from Eureka High and received a full ride basketball scholarship to the University of Nevada Reno where we went to the NCAA Tournament. I’ve been playing professionally for the last 14 years all over the world.

Many people were factors in my success, but Rex Bohn was one of the biggest.

Rex loves everyone as his own and gives everyone a chance. For me, that chance started as a boy. Rex took me and many others into his home and made sure we had food, shelter or rides to school and sports activities. Whenever we called on Rex he would never let us down.

Rex shows our community love and support through the lives he touches. Please continue to serve our community respectfully and change lives just like you changed mine, Rex.

Mo Charlo, Mead, Colorado

Rex Bohn gets things done in Humboldt County

Supervisor Rex Bohn gets things done! Thanks to the efforts by Rex and Sheriff Billy Honsal—who have been reaching out to the CEO, President, and Senior Vice President of PG& E asking for answers as to why Humboldt County lost power during the fall Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Now we know that PG& E is diligently working to add the ability to “island” a portion of PG& E’s grid in Humboldt County using the Humboldt Bay Generating Station during times of Public Safety Power Shutoffs. Rex understands how to get solutions, and is protecting the elderly, disabled, some of our most vulnerable and needy residents, those with critical medical needs, along with small businesses (many of which are the backbone of our community), and all the rest of us that depend on the grid for electricity. This is only one of many instances of Rex and his positive, accomplished involvement for our county. I have been involved with numerous issues in the county where Rex has gotten involved locally, contacting state legislators and representatives and big corporate to advance our community. His slogan is “Love Humboldt” and I strongly believe that speaks his heart! Rex 2024! Get out and vote!

Ryan Rice, Hydesville

1st District voters, get out and vote for Rex Bohn

Humboldt County is fortunate to have Rex Bohn as First District Supervisor. I have worked with Rex for over 30 years on issues across the board; from timber and jobs, to individuals with developmental disabilities. Rex approaches hard subjects, not from a victim mentality, but from a perceptive of hope and solutions. I urge all eligible voters, from the 1st District to get out and vote for Rex Bohn. The county needs and has benefited from Rex Bohn’s leadership.

Claudia Lima, Arcata

Vote for Rex Bohn, a truly dedicated public servant

There is not much more I can say about Rex Bohn that hasn’t already been said. Rex has been so involved in our community, actually working and getting things done long before entering the political world!

Rarely does one attend a community event, fund raiser, charity auction, ground breaking ceremony, or a baseball or soccer game that Rex isn’t spotted in the crowd, and all this existed before politics.

I remember Rex raising funds for Redwood Fields years ago and coming to our business with proposals to buy 4x8 advertising signs, he did it all, arranged painting, installation, etc, all these things while holding a full time job. Just one of a multitude of things Rex did to help develop Redwood Fields.

Rex was also instrumental in raising funds and replacing a large scoreboard at Redwood Fields dedicated to the late Scott Eskra, number 24, a local baseball super star, and presided over that ceremony as well.

Currently Rex is serving us and available seven days a week, working for our community, meeting with leaders all over the state, building important relationships with them, getting things done!

I encourage all of you to stay the course and vote for Rex Bohn, you won’t regret it!

Rich Matteoli, Eureka